We Hoboes Change the World

Members of the Hobo Travel Community change the world. One member changed my world today. We all change the world, some for good, some for bad.

We all have the capacity to change humanity, to make this place, my house and your house, a better place. We change the world with one "I love you" per day.

Travelers go out, wander the planet, then do something stupid, just accidentally get on the wrong path at the wrong time, and some good -lled person saves our butt. 

Traveler Change the world

I can tell you hundreds of stories about times I was tired, beat and needed help. I will never forget the 10-year-old Ghana, West African girl who picked up my backpack and put it on her head, then carried it for one-half mile.

She made this big Indiana farm boy look like a wimp and feel like a wimp. I had no choice, I could not carry it, I was beat. She taught by example how to carry my backpack on my head, and to this day, I often put my 60-pound bag on my head. It just makes good sense. If this small, black girl in Ghana could do it, then so can I.

One Victory for This Page Makes Jobs for People Who Need Jobs

Today, through this page, “My Micro Entrepreneur,” we had a big victory when a man from Gambia wrote this email after watching the video below:

Dear sir,
     I wish to thank you for your that video in kara Togo. I think you are doing a wonderful job for humanity and I wish I had the capacity to do something like that. I am from the Gambia and our women also do hand knitting a lot but i don't see them making any living out of it. I believe if they have machines like this, they will make a big impact in their lives.
     Please if you know where I can get these kid of machines in the USA, I would definitely want to know.
     I have always been thinking about small scale economic activities like this for long time but could not come up with one yet. Most of my ideas need lots of money to start and operate and I need ideas that can help the rural poor african women.
     Please lets be in touch whenever you have time and I really want to learn ideas you found in your world travels.

This is the video that caught his attention:

Sharing good ideas is easy. Just do it one "I love you" at a time, or "I love you" enough to share a good idea.

NOW another "I love you" challenge ...

Where does one buy this machine in the USA so that this man can bring some to Gambia. Somehow, these machines need to be sold to his friends.

Brother Knitting Machine

Brother Knitting Machine being used in Kara, Togo West Africa.

Buy Brother Knitting Machine

We all have the capacity to help, and we hoboes from the Hobo Travel Community can help. And please, stop with the money thing. These people in Kara purchased their own machines; they did not go begging.

When a good idea is a good idea, people find the money to buy. There are appropriate technologies, there are broken promises, and there are dreams of winning the lottery. We need ideas to share on this site, nothing more.

Please write in the comments how one can buy a Brother Knitting Machine, and I will make sure the gentleman above reads your comments.

If you want to call me, Andy Lee Graham, to help in other ways, call +1 260-624-4414 now.

If we traveling hoboes don't stick together, they're going to make us believe only the rich can do good, and we know that is bonkers.

Now take it away, Cher!

Andy Lee Graham 

Photos We Hoboes Change the World

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Link to Brothers Knitting Machines for sale


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Nice video..how did you overcome the wind noise ?

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