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There is a girl by the name of Sandra, from Germany here in Guatemala, she exports backpacks to Germany. Small importers make jobs for other countries.

Nice video..how did you overcome the wind noise ?

Link to Brothers Knitting Machines for sale


Chuck WoW

Knit Noi

Here is a video on how to make a business card holder to put on message boards by folding up a square piece of paper. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMSq5dibu4o

WalkinLove - If you know a person who is doing this, has place to sell, and is doing the whole process, it would be great to have a video for this site. Thanks

Mosquito screens or netting, seems to be very cheap to purchase on Alibaba.com then resold for nice profit...just saying.

How to start a business with a little money like $50 dollars pls know the town have alot of peoples and town that i need food or any things that cost money

We have many pages as part of the travel community, and this is one of the hobby site pages. Part of the My Micro Entrepreneurs. The goals is to document good simple ideas and share them with people in other locations on the planet and create employment and ways for people to eat.

This is easy enough, in a way, I could start one, then give to someone, or better yet, hire them, and allow them to steal the business. Giving something is problematic, but stealing good ideas is better.

Always a good idea to have a plan to make money on the road. You never know what might happen during travel.

1st things first. Greeting to all and I say this because I came within mere inches of being very dead last night.
A police car almost rammed into me at high speed, supposedly on a call (maybe?) no siren as I went through a green light he running the red. Missed me by very little, lost control and swerved into a very sturdy fire hydrant.
He admitted it was his fault fortunately he was OK but his car was totaled.
So here I am another great day.

Im always glad to see that some people make a living in difficult situations. The U S is rampant with people on the dole who DO NOT belong there. They check on such people but there are too many of them and few inspectors to catch the law breakers.
But then most civilized? countries all have the same problem as they provide welfare or whatever they may call it to their people in one form or another.
There are many who need it but the ones who dont make a bad name for all of them.
Like most political situations there are no easy answers to solving this or much of any long standing serious problems.
Its easier to speak with forked tongues and then ignore the problems.
Oh well, one of the prices of being so damn civilized.

Totally agree with you Andy. NGOs etc do celebrate their size...but what HAVE they actually achieved over the years?
In the 80s, when i was a school kid, i sat and watched Sir Bob geldof swearing his head off live on tv saying give us your F***** money. Bob, Sir bob, was a hero. He was passionate and he believed in what he was doing. He was a pioneer to help children and people in Africa and all over the world.
But what happened after that? the vultures (NGOs) jumped on the bandwagon and turned everything into a business.....the business of charitable donations. And after 20 years or so, what has really changed? what have the NGOs done to really change things? Still children live in squalor across this world. F*** the NGOs, Sod the ones who think that raising their own kids is enough for this world and forget about the ones who think that charity starts at home.

Do as Andy says, help one child, as often as you can. If you can, help more.
Money, directly, food, directly, organisation, support etc.
Give them a great idea, help the people of the world to feel good and prosper from their own efforts.

Lets all be heros each and everyday! :)

I think its important to spend time with children.Just pouring money into anything wont solve the problem. A one to one program is the best in my opinion. Dont try to save the whole world just one kid at a time.

Some type of one to one App where the children and their mentors are vetted would be a good thing. We are getting to the time of instant communication. Following what the child is doing in school day by day or week by week and making suggestions,guiding them committing to be there to listen.Paying for school supplies or school for that matter. Having the money go directly to what ever is needed. Eliminating the middle man. Then arranging to meet once a year or when ever time permits. Just being there for the children is the most important.

A sign/ad possibly saying - Now Hiring, Only Local Applications Accepted

To me that says it all as long as there are no local laws against it.
Why limit to one word.

I think its wonderful when we can help children of other countries but I think we should help our own first. Of course if you have the finances to spread around then that is even better. We have many children right here in the US that need help in many areas incl education, nutrition, health and medical, parenting, etc, etc.
I have done what I can over the years incl raising two as a single parent. I also when I was 1st divorced I became a Big Brother which was very rewarding and in my former career (now long retired) I worked in organizations that did many things for children, incl clubs, sports, education, recreation, etc, etc.
I always remember one of the best things that ever happened to me was when about 6 years after I had worked at one place I met a kid who was now 18/19 yrs old that thanked me for all the good things I did to help him become a man, to get through some hard times being brought up in a dysfunctional family, etc. (Im not trying to blow my own horn as I made mistakes along with the good things but to point out that there are ways to help kids that need help, sometimes just to be there and let them rant without judging.)
I have also made friends with kids in other countries as I travel.
So my main point is do what you can and remember you were a kid once.

We(USA)used to export happiness with dreams of coming to America and living life to the fullest. We now seem to be exporting Stranger Danger and a whole lot of other BS.

My mother was in the grocery store here in Atlanta a week ago. She worked over 35 years at a local retirement community helping people settle into their new lives. Getting the proper services and being there when they needed to have a talk and feel reassured that all would be well. So shes shopping and starts to talk to a person next to her. She says how glorious this produce looks or something mater of fact trying to make conversation. The lady shes speaking to scowls at her and doesnt say a word. This is becoming the norm for America. God forbid it becomes the norm for the world.

Post good idea here is you want, help spread jobs around the planet.