Kara Togo Africans Creating Jobs with Brother Knitting Machine

I am excited, I came upon FOUR 100-200 dollars knitting machine that is creating real self employment in Kara, Togo, West Africa.

Here is an outstanding, true example of jobs created in the village of Kara, Togo in West Africa. I accidental found the first machine, across from the Auberge Beau Sejour. Then a day later I found two more machines, down the hill from the central market, then another on the way to the bridge.

This is a movement, this is the path, this is the type of idea the world needs to be shared. This is one example, a Knitting machine that one person or two can use, to create real products, that are needed by all humans on the planet. "Clothing."

This cost about 200 U.S. Dollars to create a life of income for these women in West Africa.

This is a great example of my dream, this is what this site dreams of, this is the good story to be told.

Welfare, free money, and aid robs humans of dignanty, empowers the person who gives, and enslaves the mind of the receiver.

I believe in teaching people to fish, not in giving people fish, fishing is a sustainable solution for life, it makes family pride.

The mission of this site, MyMicroEntrepreneur.com is to find great ideas and pass them around the world.

To share ideas on employment with other people on the planet.

This small cottage industry is great, it is real, this is not a game. Consider this, that susistence farming is 100 employment. Factories, or mass employment in the industrialized countries, also grants the employees mass un-employment.

Find an idea worth sharing today, then plant the seeds. 


Andy Graham April 4, 2013 Kara, Togo

GPS Coordinates
Market 9.54640, 1.19176
Kara, Togo
Toward Bridge 9.54494, 1.19089
Kara, Togo 9.54494, 1.19089
Ashe 9.54614, 1.18962 across from Biova Hotel
Kara, Togo 9.54614, 1.18962
9.54617, 1.18486 Beau Sejour

Photos Kara Togo Africans Creating Jobs with Brother Knitting Machine

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1st things first. Greeting to all and I say this because I came within mere inches of being very dead last night.
A police car almost rammed into me at high speed, supposedly on a call (maybe?) no siren as I went through a green light he running the red. Missed me by very little, lost control and swerved into a very sturdy fire hydrant.
He admitted it was his fault fortunately he was OK but his car was totaled.
So here I am another great day.

Im always glad to see that some people make a living in difficult situations. The U S is rampant with people on the dole who DO NOT belong there. They check on such people but there are too many of them and few inspectors to catch the law breakers.
But then most civilized? countries all have the same problem as they provide welfare or whatever they may call it to their people in one form or another.
There are many who need it but the ones who dont make a bad name for all of them.
Like most political situations there are no easy answers to solving this or much of any long standing serious problems.
Its easier to speak with forked tongues and then ignore the problems.
Oh well, one of the prices of being so damn civilized.

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