I Need a New Word for Job Creation Abroad

I am tired of the USA citizens making beggars, I want them to make jobs for people of other countries, this giving is just a power trip.


Giving money, help, and advice not requested tells people they are poor, stupid, and inadequate, this is a great way to make enemies; and you wonder why terrorist attack the USA?

Hire Local

The United States says to the world,
"Hey you, you need us, because you are not smart enough to do it on your own."

Arrogance on steroids, it arrives with the assumption that people are poor; they was never poor until you told them, the USA is overdeveloped, and 85 percent of the planet is normal.

Try this, walk up to one of your friends, and say,
"You need money, and I have some good ideas to help you."
This is an insult! Americans do it daily in Guatemala.

I need a new word...

There is eco-tourism.

There is micro-finance.

There is micro-entrepreneur.

What do you call it when I, as an American starts a business overseas, and only employ locals?


EconoFriends --- Economically Friendly to Locals

There should be a word for the employer that only employs locals.


True Story of Maria here in Guatemala

I have been trying to develop a web site here in Guatemala called "MyLagoAtitlan.com," an on-line guide to living abroad on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.  I met Maria, asked her to teach me Tz'utujil the local language of San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala on Lago Atitlan. This girl could type, she was quick, smart, so I decided to hire her to collect business data from the villages on the lake. Approximately 70 percent of the businesses catering to foreigners are locally owned, and the remainder by foreigners.

Surprised! The foreigners are abusive, neglectful, and they ignore this 23 year old, small, sweet, and businesslike young girl dressed in Indigenous clothing, that speaks Tz'utujil and Spanish.

"It appears the foreigners generally consider the Indigenous people stupid."

Yes, I know this is normal for the rich Guatemalans here, what they call Ladinos, the people from Guatemala city consider themselves superior to all, this a malady of people with money, they equate money to mean, they are better than others.

I was surprised to find the foreigners here in Guatemala are the same as the rich  from Guatemala city, they are undercover racists by their actions, they love the power of being a big fish in a small pond.

I thought about Hiring Foreigners to Collect Information from other Foreigners for the Guidebook.

It seemed reasonable to hire people who speak English to collect guide information from foreigners. I am wrong, the goal of guidebook it to find businesses that give good service.

I accidentally discovered what the guidebook needsd, we need to interview the foreigners to learn if the business is friendly to locals. Or, does the business owners, with foreign employees, and people frequenting these businesses demand to stay separated --- the truly good business owners here are generous, friendly, and nice to all people, not just foreigners.

Lots of lip service here in Guatemala by foreigners, but their actions lie. They often treat Maria horrible, I am ashamed of them, approximately 20-50 percent of the foreigners are mean to her, they ignore her, as if she was a fly entering their business.

We are keeping records of the "Not-Friendly-to-Locals" business owners. If you knew Maria, you would think it impossible that anyone could be rude to her, she is sweetness personified, your little sister who became homecoming queen, but is dressed in Indigenous clothing.

Truly, foreigner do treat what they think of as Indians badly.

I have resolved to only hire locals to collect guidebook information on our 100 sites, with the premise that a business treating all people nicely is truly a friendly business.

Power is an intoxicant to the foreigners, they believe their money make them better, and by giving, donating, and helping they are slowly turning Guatemalans into jaded people, the same as American has become. Everyone wants free money, etc., but it truly destroys cultures.

"No Time to Listen to People,"
this should be the motto of America.


I believe Americans should start businesses overseas with all their money, and only employ locals. I seldom frequent a business that employs foreigners, if I wanted to be in America, I would return to America. And for sure, the Ladinos from Guatemalan city are not a good example of human flesh, they have been abusing the Indigenous since the conquistadors arrived.

Abuse continues, but now the face is called NGO's, Missionaries, and do gooders who were more often than not, the "nothings" in America, but are big fish in a small pond here because they discovered they are rich here, they are drunk with power for the first time in their life.

Thank you,
Give people a job and you are their friend.

Andy Lee Graham


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A sign/ad possibly saying - Now Hiring, Only Local Applications Accepted

To me that says it all as long as there are no local laws against it.
Why limit to one word.

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