Entrepreneurs - Learn to How to Make Banana Chips

Entrepreneurs - This video shows you how to fry, package and sell banana chips, starting with only a $10 investment!

The videos below show a real person cutting up bananas, slicing them into chips, then cooking them.

Banana Chips

Entrepreneurs can start this business for a $10 or less investment in about any country on the planet. Many of the items this lady uses are optional, but they can be found anywhere bananas are sold.

Only one person is needed. Carry your gear with you to a good selling area because watching the bananas cook encourages people to buy. You may wish to make and post a sign saying "Fresh Chips."

Chip-bag sizes:

• $1.00

• $0.40

• $0.20

Required materials:

• Slicer grate to cut wedges

• Pot full of cooking oil

• Burner to heat oil

• Bananas

Optional equipment (could be purchased later):

• Two basins

• Huge ladle to take bananas out of oil

• Strainer

• Plastic bags

• Display table


If you have a great entrepreneurial idea to help people make money with an investment of less than $100, please write us.

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Photos Entrepreneurs - Learn to How to Make Banana Chips

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Comments 2


We have many pages as part of the travel community, and this is one of the hobby site pages. Part of the My Micro Entrepreneurs. The goals is to document good simple ideas and share them with people in other locations on the planet and create employment and ways for people to eat.

This is easy enough, in a way, I could start one, then give to someone, or better yet, hire them, and allow them to steal the business. Giving something is problematic, but stealing good ideas is better.


WalkinLove - If you know a person who is doing this, has place to sell, and is doing the whole process, it would be great to have a video for this site. Thanks

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