Help One Single Child and You Are a Hero

My heros in life, did it one person at a time -- Help One Single Child and You are a Hero.

This page is about Micro Entrepreneur projects, and with so many save the world organizations on the planet, why write about Entrepreneur ideas? Today, I watched the TV Show called "Leverage," and out of irony comes great truths, here is a quote from the show.

"help one single child, and you're a hero."
- Leverage

Haiti Child

In my 14 years of perpetual world travel, I have observed thousands of volunteers, Non Governmental Agencies, Missionaries, and other do-gooders around the planet. They celebrate the size of their organizations, the number of donations, the number of volunteers, and themselves, as if they could change all the people on the planet, a noble idea, but not that easy...

The One Person in the Crowd

I personally believe in accidental heroes, I believe we are all on a stage, every day, ever minute, every second we are being watched - by someone. Hopefully, for one brief moment, the one child in the crowd, the one person watching you is inspired to change his or her life.

Nobody is perfect; I think of my heroes in my life, they never stopped trying to be a good person, that was their goal in life, a continuous effort to be a good example.

If you have a good business idea, please share it on this site, if you want.

You will not change the world, but if you,
"help one single child, and you're a hero."

Giving money teaches children that begging works, giving one great idea to another human, and you give them a life.

Be a good example, and you can live a life worth living.


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I think its wonderful when we can help children of other countries but I think we should help our own first. Of course if you have the finances to spread around then that is even better. We have many children right here in the US that need help in many areas incl education, nutrition, health and medical, parenting, etc, etc.
I have done what I can over the years incl raising two as a single parent. I also when I was 1st divorced I became a Big Brother which was very rewarding and in my former career (now long retired) I worked in organizations that did many things for children, incl clubs, sports, education, recreation, etc, etc.
I always remember one of the best things that ever happened to me was when about 6 years after I had worked at one place I met a kid who was now 18/19 yrs old that thanked me for all the good things I did to help him become a man, to get through some hard times being brought up in a dysfunctional family, etc. (Im not trying to blow my own horn as I made mistakes along with the good things but to point out that there are ways to help kids that need help, sometimes just to be there and let them rant without judging.)
I have also made friends with kids in other countries as I travel.
So my main point is do what you can and remember you were a kid once.

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