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The mission of this Micro Entrepreneur site is to find great ideas on one side of the planet, and explain to the other side to allow good entrepreneur and micro-financing to thrive. You are invited to share your Micro-Entrepreneur idea here, please write about it, make a video, and post photos.

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Kpalime, Togo


Newark, DE, United States

The Bright Girl

Sunnyvale United States


Northampton United States

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We Hoboes Change the World

Members of the Hobo Travel Community change the world. One member changed my world today. We all change the world, some for good, some for bad.

Entrepreneurs - Learn to How to Make Banana Chips

Entrepreneurs - This video shows you how to fry, package and sell banana chips, starting with only a $10 investment!

Kara Togo Africans Creating Jobs with Brother Knitting Machine

I am excited, I came upon FOUR 100-200 dollars knitting machine that is creating real self employment in Kara, Togo, West Africa.

Help One Single Child and You Are a Hero

My heros in life, did it one person at a time -- Help One Single Child and You are a Hero.

I Need a New Word for Job Creation Abroad

I am tired of the USA citizens making beggars, I want them to make jobs for people of other countries, this giving is just a power trip.

Hello, I am Andy Lee Graham, I have traveled the planet perpetually over 15 years, and visited 90 countries. Please help me with idea, if you wish to help, please call my USA Skype.com number. *1-260-624-4414

Thank you, Andy Lee Graham


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